Howler Monkey Resort is Ecotourism

Ecotourism is defined as:

"Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people." The International Ecotourism Society (TIES, 1990)


Reduce Reuse Recycle

Here at Howler Monkey Resort we purchase very little packaged goods which minimizes greatly the garbage we produce. Ninety-five percent of our meals served are made 100% from fresh fruits, vegetables, locally made coconut oil, etc. We purchase all our fresh produce from the villagers and surrounding area.

In an effort to remain green our housekeeping changes linens after every guests leaves. We do not provide bottled water in the cabins because Belize do not recycle the plastic bottles. Therefore, we supply purified water to our guest via a 5 gallon water dispenser at no charge. Please bring your own refillable water container from home to fill, refill and reuse throughout your Belize vacation.

Our local beer and soft drink companies still produce their product in recycled glass bottles. We stock these and also ask our guests not to purchase the plastic ones especially water bottles.

There is no garbage collection in Bermudian Landing and therefore what ever you bring onto our property remains with us forever. This is another reason why we are very careful of what we bring home and why we ask our guests to please consider us and try not to leave us with garbage that is not bio-degradable.

We also have "donated" a cabin in the far corner of the compound to approximately one thousand bats. They "pay" for their accomodation by greatly controlling the mosquito population and hence, we and our guests enjoy a more pleasant time here.

Howler Monkey Resort believes in sustainable travel and all the sites we visit are very sensitive. This is why on our tours, we only take couples or very small groups/families and use only local guides/companies.

Conserve the Environment

Our grounds are, on purpose, not manicured enabling us to preserve our grounds in all its natural beauty and the untouched canopy enables our monkeys to eat and have free movement troughout our property. Enabling us to have a jungle lodge, the monkeys to have their natural home and our visitors the luxury to experience and see the monkeys in the wild.

Howler Monkey Resort (HMR) is a proud member of the Belize Audubon Society. The Belize Audubon Society are the managers/co-managers of most of Belize's national parks such as: ATM Cave, Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, Blue Hole National Monument etc. Our contribution helps the Belize Audubon Society in their very important work. We encourage you to do the same.

Improve the well-being of local people

Howler Monkey Resort (HMR) encourages our guest to visit and support the local community where possible and convenient. Guest can visit such places as:


Howler Monkey Resort supports and actively promotes the Community Baboon Sanctuary and its conservation efforts. We encourage our guests to visit with them and if possible make a contribution. Please make arrangement at thier office for the monkey walk.


We believe that "Uncle Charlie's" (the local winery) is an enriching experience. We recommend and encourage all our guests to pay him a visit. Uncle Charlie has been making fruit wines for over forty years. It is much more rewarding to meet the person in his work place. During your visit with him he will be very happy to show you around and let you sample a few of his wines. Although he does not charge, we do highly recommend that at the end of your visit you support him by purchasing one or two bottles of Uncle Charlie's local wine.

Local Bar/Pub:

It is by design that we decided not to have a bar. Although, we do keep in stock a couple of beers for our guest convenience. We strongly feel that is a lot more rewarding to go a couple doors down to "Delvo's", the local pub, if you want to socialize a bit while enjoying a drink. At Delvo's you get to feel the pulse of the village and meet interesting locals while patronizing her business.

Visiting the Community Baboon Sanctuary
Visiting the Howler Monkeys at the Community Baboon Sanctuary
Visiting the local winery
visiting the local winery in Belize River Valley
Visiting the local pub
Visiting the local pub and interacting with the villagers

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